A cuddle for your awakening…

Every morning, the breakfast will be delivered right in your apartment in a beautiful wicker basket, or already set on the kitchen table, to assure you have only the pleasure to enjoy this small cuddle..


You can prepare the hot drink that you prefer in the kitchen of the apartment, by yourself, taking all the time you need. The kitchen is at your disposal, always equipped with all the necessary that you might need, including an automatic Nespresso machine with automatic Cappuccino maker and refrigerator.


Here’s what’s in store for our breakfast: Fresh milk, jam, fresh croissants and bread, cereals, ham and cheese, juices and herbal teas.  If you’d like more or if you happen to have a different taste, talk with our staff about it when you check-in at Pitigliano, and you can have your favorite menu.


Obviously, you don’t have to worry about ordering anything. We’ll schedule an hour with you when you check-in, and one of our employees will take care of cleaning and reorganizing your kitchen.

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