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Suite Pensatori

Large about 30 sqm, besides the stunning entrance and the highest privacy, this suite features a queen-size bed, and enough space to add a third bed.

A large arched window with a charming view of the village’s historical center and the surrounding valleys. In front of the room entrance, you’ll find the bathroom with its large shower and the old Medieval cistern.

You will find the breakfast into the apartment in a nice wicker basket. The kitchenettes of the rooms are also equipped with everything else you might need, including coffee machines with automatic cappuccino maker and refrigerator.

Here’s what’s in store for your breakfast: the classic continental menu composed of rusks, butter, and marmalades, cereals, fruit juices, yogurt, fresh fruit and milk. You can also prepare the hot drink that you prefer most, like tea, coffee or cappuccino, by using the kitchen. If you’d like more or if you have a different taste, talk with our staff about it when you check-in at Pitigliano, and you can have your favorite menu.

In addition to this, you are invited to come to Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano to enjoy the free buffet breakfast with local fresh products. It is the perfect occasion to visit the medieval Orsini Fortress, a stunning building with amazing panoramas of the old city of Sorano.

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