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La Casa Degli Archi was recovered about 10 years ago from two former warehouses. Nowadays the house is a true mix of shapes and furnishing solutions, in which craftsmanship and modern technological solutions merge together, providing guests with a special, unique and unusual ambiance.

La Casa degli Archi, can host up to 6 people. In more than the two large bedrooms, each one organized with a queen-size bed and enough space for an extra bed,  you’ll also find find our openspace living room, with comfortable sofas, a fireplace, panoramic terrace and a kitchen equipped with everything you need to cook your favourite dinners by yourself or in the company of one of our Chefs – and yes, if you like you can book directly with us a cooking courses!

Hidden away in a corner of the hall, you can access the massage room through a small entrance, where on your demand, and with a minimum notice of 24 hours, you can book a massage and a spa treatment anytime directly at you home.

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