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With a stay in Pitigliano at “la Casa degli Archi”, you will discover one of the most unknown area, but one of the more noteworthy, of  Tuscany without give up to all the necessary comforts to make your holiday memorable. The “Casa degli Archi” and the “New Houses” are all born from the restoration of ancient buildings in the historical center of Pitigliano. These unique environments and this village, they are a truly real piece of paradise, nestled in the countryside of southern Tuscany. Pitigliano its still away of the major tourist routes, offer you a stay in direct contact with the daily life of one of the more beautiful villages of Italy.

Breakfast at Hotel della Fortezza

All guests of the Casa degli Archi are invited to have breakfast at the Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano, our fortress hotel at 9 km from Pitigliano. There you will find a wide selection of fresh local products already included in your rate. Take the opportunity to visit the Orsini Fortress of Sorano, one of the most important fortress in all over Tuscany.

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