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E-Bike rental at the Orsini Fortress in Sorano 

E-bikes are certainly one of the new opportunities to deepen the visit and knowledge of the territory of the Città del Tufo offers an incredible range of possibilities for all cycling enthusiasts at all levels.

Incredibly varied itineraries both in terms of difficulty and mileage, poorly traveled provincial roads, simple, hazard-free white roads, mule tracks, gentle climbs and relaxing descents with breathtaking views.

There will be no need to have the leg trained, thanks to the E-Bikes we will advise you the more suitable itinerary for your level of fitness or passion for cycling.

It is possible to organize itineraries of all levels from easy ones from 20 to 30 km with very little difference in height and perhaps with a good lunch or tasting in a farmhouse, up to 5/6 hours itineraries of the highest difficulty. We are sure that the ups and downs and the itineraries of the southern Tuscany hills will not disappoint you for their technical characteristics or for the landscape / environmental ones.

We are in a still non-tourist, wild territory, where you can still breathe pure air and where you can ride for miles and miles enjoying the unique panoramas of Southern Tuscany. The itineraries that wind around the Tufo Cities of Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana are really many and of all types, from the asphalted road, to the dirt roads that cross the vast countryside and the woods that surround the villages.

You can discover the area effortlessly pedaling from village to village through the most suitable route, simpler or more tiring. You will discover how nice it is to cycle between the ups and downs of the hill.

Instead of covering the difference in height in a single stretch, you will be able to alternate relaxing descents with climbs which for you and the engine of the powerful ebikes will certainly not be a problem!

Price List

  • 2-hour rental: € 24
  • Half day rental (4 hours): 34 €
  • Full day rental (8 hours): 49 €
  • 2 days: 79 €
  • 3 days: 99 €

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