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The Terme di Sorano

Maybe you are not aware of it but there will be no need to get to Saturnia to enjoy a pleasant day soaking in the warm thermal waters. 3 km from Pitigliano, the Terme di Sorano offer you a pleasant environment, surrounded by nature and never overcrowded, where you can enjoy pleasant hours of relaxation.

The sprig is located directly inside the spa, where the water flows directly from the rock at a temperature of around 37 ° C. The water is magnesium-calcium and not sulphurous, this means that it is odorless.

From this year all our guests will be able to take advantage of members and concessions for entrances and all the services and packages offered by the Sorano spa. Feel free to ask us about all the information you’ll need to choose the right services for your daily relax. 

Daily week-end price, per person € 18.5 – Umbrella € 3

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