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Picnic Basket

If you are lover of the nature and the open-air walkings, especially if accompanied by the unbelievable view of ancient historical remains, what you need is a real tasting picnic. It is complete of three different cured meats, two types of local cheese, seasonal vegetables and fruits and obviously bread, water and why not? Wine and a good homemade dessert to conclude your picnic in the best way! PRICE PER BASKET for two people – 32€

Picnic Light

Whether you prefer trekking, cycling or horse-back riding, what we suggest you is a light picnic studied for you! Tasty but practical, for those who love the sport and want to find the right way to have a delicious meal everywhere they want.. The light picnic includes two sandwiches, fruits, a bottle of water, fruit juice and a good dessert, that will give you the energy to keep doing sport. PRICE PER PERSON – 12€

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