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If you are a lover of food and traditional Tuscan recipes or if you are looking for new flavors to taste, Southern Tuscany offers you a vast variety of surprising opportunities. Here in Southern Tuscany, from town to town, the same recipes or products have different tastes.

We know the producing companies and the businessmen, the territory with its seasons, and we will be happy to suggest you and let you discover the best of southern Tuscan gastronomy in a selection of Gourmet restaurants where to discover the evolution of flavors of the tradition and where to appreciate the simplicity of the Tuscan cuisine.

The EnoRistrò of the Orsini Fortress in Sorano

Are you passionate about genuine food and typical local products? Do not miss the opportunity to discover our EnoRistrò and the Tasting of Tapas Maremmane. Thanks to a careful selection of local producers you will be able to discover the gastronomic excellence of the Southern Tuscan territory and get the contacts to go and personally visit the same companies! We are waiting for you to discover the true essence of food and wines in Southern Tuscany, an experience not to be missed.

For this purpose, we are realizing the project of the Native EnoRistrò of Hotel della Fortezza where we offer only products that are true…. Native!

 High-quality products Tasting 20€ per person 

  • Maremman Tapas with local recipes and ingredients from the territory


In the medieval village of Sorano, just a few steps from your hotel, you will have the chance to taste a complete menu in one of the restaurants that represent the genuineness of the typical cuisine of this village… Da Fidalma! Can you imagine over 50 years of life spent in cooking? Now, try to imagine how many people have eaten Fidalma’s cuisine during this long time… What may be the reason? You will taste a genuine, traditional, and homemade.. Fidalma, Riccardo, Patrizia and all the staff are already looking forward to welcoming you to their restaurant..their second home!

Half Board Menu 25€ per person

  • Antipasto: local bruschettas 
  • First courses: home-made pasta from the menu.
  • Second courses: strew lamb or wild boar, grilled pork
  • Local wine and Coffee


In the heart of the historical center of Sorano, where the alleys become more thin and mazy, Hosteria del Borgo allows the visitors to enjoy a good plate of home-made pasta in front of the splendid panorama of the valley, from their splendid terrace. You can also choose a table in front of the deep cellars carved into the tuff stone!! In this informal and homey environment, you can feel like at home while tasting the traditional Tuscan specialties, cooked with passion and simplicity.

Half Board Menu 25€ per person

  • First courses: home-made pasta from the menu.
  • Second courses: strew lamb or wild boar, grilled pork, maremman hamburger.
  • Side Dish: grilled vegetables, french fries 
  • Water


We have decided to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy a lunch or a dinner in the silent and natural environment of the Agriturismo Aia del Tufo, near Sorano.
A visit to this organic farm will be a real experience… You will have the chance to taste freshly made products, from the personal production of the farm, as well as to join the different activities that characterize the work on the farm.
Today, you can decide to book your menu at Aia del Tufo, which will let you taste the typical dishes of the traditional Tuscan cuisine with ingredients that come from the farm itself!

Complete Menu 25€ per person

  • Antipasto of Aia del Tufo: toasted bread with sauces, salami, local specialties of Aia del Tufo;
  • First Course: homemade pasta with local sauces;
  • Main courses: Traditional Tuscan lamb and stews of wild game;
  • Water and coffee


In the historical center of Pitigliano, right in front of the Medicean aqueduct, we offer you a traditional menu in Trattoria il Grillo. Walking in Via Cavour you will be invited to get in, just by smelling the flavors coming from the kitchen that is right near the street. Believe us… you won’t be disappointed!

We are talking about the real traditional cuisine, flavors that are now rooted in the history of the Hilltop Towns, prepared with love and passion.

Complete menu 25€ per person

4 courses among:

  • Antipasto: local bruschettas, local salami, vegetables savory pie
  • First course: acquacotta, pici with tomato and garlic sauce, homemade pasta with local sauce
  • Main course: strew of lamb or wild boar, liver with wild fennel, meatballs 
  • Side dishes: daily vegetables
  • Dessert: pannacotta, Torta papalina,  Tozzetti con Vin Santo 


In the Piazza della Repubblica, the heart of the village of Pitigliano, in the shadow of a large plane tree, a splendid outdoor veranda directly on the square and an elegant interior are waiting for you. The kitchen always open and staff ready to satisfy all your needs.

Complete menu 25€ per person

  • Antipasto della Rocca : salami, cheeses, vegetables, local bruschettas and  legumes 
  • First courses: homemade pasta with local souces (pappardelle, pici), carbonara, acquacotta 
  • Dessert: fresh ricotta cheese with honey, chocolate, marmalade


An intimate and well-cared environment in the countryside a few kilometers from the village of Pitigliano. Producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and restaurateurs their cuisine is made with products of excellence and always expressed. Eleonora and Edoardo are waiting for you to taste their Oils, the flagship of the company and dishes prepared with the same care and attention.

Complete menu 25€ per person

Menu 1

  • Antipasto: bruschettas with the three oils, salami, cheeses and vegetables
  • First course: carbonara with local bacon
  • Dessert

Menu 2

  • Antipasto: bruschettas with the three oils, beans soup with local soppressata
  • Main course: grilled pork with a side dish
  • Dessert: Tozzetti con Vin Santo 

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