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The Etruscan Vie Cave at night

The Etruscan Vie Cave at night will remain impressed as one of those experiences to try again and not forget!

Equipped with a head flashlight, which will be given to you at the beginning of the excursion by our expert guide Elena, you will enter the alleys of the medieval historic center of Sorano to reach the bottom of the valley, leaving the lights of the street lamps behind you and enter the darkness of the night.

When you arrive at the beginning of the Via Cava, you will be amazed by its beauty. The Via Cava di San Rocco, which is located just below Sorano, is one of the most beautiful and evocative of the entire territory, the walls almost reach 20 meters in height!

Elena will guide you in the darkness for about 50 minutes till the beautiful Park of San Rocco, a panoramic terrace where you will find one of the most beautiful panoramas of Tuscany right in front of you.

But not only! Try to raise your eyes and turn off the torches, above you, a sea of stars will illuminate the sky. On full moon nights, let the eye get used to the darkness, in a few minutes you will see what surrounds you even with the light off. Trust me it will be a real experience!

Some more information

To enjoy the trekking of the vie cave at night, which will last about 2 hours, you will only need a comfortable and possibly non-slip shoe, a trekking boot would be ideal but also a good sneakers with a non-smooth sole will go well. Comfortable clothing and a jacket, in the event that the temperatures are low. Keep in mind that in the bottom of the valley the air is always colder than inside the country.

Program of the trekking 

  • The departure is at 9.00 pm from Piazza Cairoli, right in front of the entrance of the Hotel della Fortezza, and meeting with the guide Elena;
  • briefing on the itinerary and delivery of head torches;
  • the descent towards the valley, the labyrinth of the village of Sorano;
  • arrival in the dark and at the Lente river;
  • the meeting with via Cava and the ascent to the San Rocco park;
  • at night, the most beautiful panorama of Tuscany;
  • the descent to the valley, feet firmly on the ground
  • the ascent to the fortress
  • the good night, about 11.00 pm

Useful info

  • The price per person is 15 €, including guide and head torch.
  • The ticket for children under 6 is free and from 7 to 15 the price is € 8.
  • The excursion is scheduled every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday until 1 November 2020.

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