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Sassotondo the Volcanic Cellar 

We have chosen for you the Sassotondo company for a food and wine tour of about an hour and a half, dedicated to the discovery of the flavors of the territory of the Città del Tufo of Southern Tuscany, as it emerges as representative of the excellence of the products of this region.

Awareness, knowledge and studies now twenty years ago excel Sassotondo among the realities of the producers of Volcanic Wines, or those wines produced in territories of volcanic origin with that of the Cities of Tuff.

The greater quantity of minerals present in the soil gives the products of the earth unique characteristics if you are able to bring them out.

Once in the company, the owners themselves will warmly welcome you and involve you in their capacity as winemakers first of all for passion, in a totally friendly and informal atmosphere.

Starting from the vineyards, you will then arrive in the plant rooms, hidden right under the same fields, in the tufa rock, which in addition to making the appearance of the cellar even more impressive, ensures that temperature and humidity are constantly at ideal levels. At the end of the journey through the winemaking environments, you get to taste the finished product.

You will taste these delicious volcanic wines, listening to the words of those who will tell you with passion the process they went through before being uncorked for you for your tasting.

Lose yourself in observing the careful and accurate movements of those who open the wine for you and pour it into the glasses in the best way to enhance its unique aroma and flavor.

Your visit will last about an hour and a half, after which you can buy the products that have most captivated you directly on site!


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