The services for our guests

In order to let you discover the specialities of food and wine, as well as the many opportunities of itineraries and activities in the territory of the Hilltop Towns, we offer you our exclusive services for the guests of Hotel della Fortezza.. These services are studied to enrich your stay with gastronomical experiences and much more, that will make it pleasantly unforgettable!

The apartment of La Casa degli Archi are spread all over the historical center of Pitigliano, with a common reception located in Via Roma 106. At your arrival, you can reach the reception to do the Check-in. In this office, our staff will be always available to book the services and the activities here to follow that we propose to our guests.

Here you are the timetables of the Reception :

Check ­In – dalle 15:30 alle 20:00
Check ­Out – dalle 10:00 alle 11:00


Also when the reception is not open, our staff will be always at your disposal for any needs or information. Contact us to our assistance number 333 6476582.

The Check-in is available in the Reception in Via Roma 106 from 3.30 pm to 8 pm.

At the moment of your arrival you will be welcomed by our staff, who will give you all the information you need to enjoy a pleasant stay in the Hilltop Towns. Our staff will accompany you to your apartment in a short and pleasant walk in the historical center of Pitigliano.


Before to leave the reception, you can pay the balance of your stay, so that at the moment of your departure you will be free to go. Our reception is open from 3.30 pm to 8 pm. For this reason, we will not meet up in the morning, however, we will be so nice to receive your review on internet.


During the time we will be together going to the apartments, other guests may arrive in the office to do the check-in. It is important for us to receive an advice at least half an hour before your arrival.

It is possible to leave the apartment until 11am.


At the moment of your departure you will have already paid the balance of your stay and you can leave the apartment when you prefer, until 11am.


We kindly ask you to leave the keys on the kitchen table, paying attention to not leave them inserted in the internal keyhole of the main door.

The breakfast at La Casa degli Archi is always included in your rate.


At the moment of the check in the breakfast, delivered in a nice wicker basket at the moment of the check in. The kitchenettes of the rooms are also equipped with everything else you might need, including coffee machines with automatic cappuccino maker and refrigerator.


Here’s what’s in store for your breakfast: the classic continental menu composed by rusks, butter and marmalades, cereals, fruit juices, yogurt, fresh fruit, milk and artisan biscuits from the local bakeries. You can also prepare the hot drink that you prefer most, like tea, coffee or cappuccino, by using the kitchen. If you’d like more or if you have a different taste, talk with our staff about it when you check-in at Pitigliano, and you can have your favorite menu.


Obviously, you don’t have to worry about ordering anything. We’ll schedule an hour with you when you check-in, and one of our employees will take care of cleaning and reorganizing your kitchen.

Pets are welcome at La Casa degli Archi!

We know how is pleasant to travel with our animals, so we want to give them the possibility to stay with you in the apartment.


However, we want allergic people as well to live a pleasant stay at La Casa degli Archi. For this reason, we ask you a small extra of 15€ each 3 nights of stay, for the housekeeping, that requires more time and specific products.

Wifi connection is available only in the two Suite rooms.

The suggested parking areas

For those who will spend their holiday in Pitigliano, we suggest to bring only light luggages for an easy transport. Your room is right in the historical centre of Pitigliano that is very crowded and subject to limitations of traffic in the feast days and weekends. The parking areas are just out of the centre, few minutes of walking from your room.


Pitigliano is actually a small medieval village and the distance from the parking to our reception is really reduced to a pleasant 5 minute walk along the main streets of Pitigliano’s old town.

Depending on the season of the year and on your arrival time, we recommend you the following parking areas, from where you can easily reach our office and then your room at Casa degli Archi:

Piazza Dante Alighieri – RECOMMENDED – Free parking lot – 200mt far from the center, 750 mt far from the reception (Via Roma 106)

Piazza della Repubblica – Really few parking lot available, indicated by the blue stripe. The cost is 1,50 € each hour, € 6 per day. 200mt far from the reception. Especially during the high season, you can use this parking in order to unload your luggages and than go to the free parking lot.

Piazza Garibaldi – Really few parking lot available, indicated by the blue stripe. The cost is 1,50 € each hour, € 6 per day. 300 mt far from the reception. Especially during the high season, you can use this parking in order to unload your luggages and than go to the free parking lot.

The Restaurants

If you are a lover of food and traditional tuscan recipes or if you are looking for new flavors to taste, Southern Tuscany offer you a vast variety of surprising opportunities. Here in Southern Tuscany, from town to town, the same recipes or products have different tastes.


We know the producing companies and the businessmen, the territory with its seasons, and we will be happy to suggest you and let you discover the best of southern tuscan gastronomy in a selection of Gourmet restaurants where to discover the evolution of flavors of the tradition and where to appreciate the simplicity of the tuscan cuisine.

AMP_2110web (2)

Since you are going to get in contact with the centuries of history that characterize the roads, the churches, the museums of the medieval villages as well as the etruscan necropolis and Vie Cave and the uncontaminated nature of the countryside with its luxuriant flora and plentiful fauna, we are certain that you should have the possibility to know and appreciate the products that have been representing for centuries the quality of the territory of the Hilltop Towns!


For this purpose we are realizing the project of the Native EnoRistrò of Hotel della Fortezza where we offer only products that are indeed…. Native!

 High-quality products Tasting 20€ per person 

Maremman Tapas with local recipes with ingredients from the territory

Different kinds of traditional tuscan charcuterie of local Cinta Senese

Mix of sheep cheeses of different agings


In the historical center of Pitigliano, right in front of the medicean aqueduct, we offer you a traditional menu in Trattoria il Grillo. Walking in Via Cavour you will be invited to get in, just by smelling the flavors coming from the kitchen that is right near the street. An believe us… you won’t be disappointed!


We are talking about the real traditional cuisine, flavors that are now rooted in the history of the Hilltop Towns, prepared with love and passion.


Menù 25€ per person


In the historical center of Pitigliano just few steps from the Duomo, we suggest you the restaurant pizzeria Il Pozzo Antico. We have chosen this pizzeria in order to let you appreciate the typical gastronomy of the territory as well as the delicious pizza with local ingredients, right among the strict alleys of the village.


You will have at your disposal our pizza menu, with the possibility to add extra dishes from the menu of the restaurant.


Pizza menu 25€ per person


In the medieval village of Sorano, just few steps from your hotel, you will have the chance to taste a complete menu in one of the restaurants that represent the genuineness of the typical cuisine of this village.. Da Fidalma! Can you imagine over 50 years of life spent in cooking? Now, try to imagine how many people have eaten Fidalma’s cuisine during this long time.. What may be the reason?


You will taste a genuine, traditional, and homemade.. Fidalma, Riccardo, Partizia and all the staff are already looking forward to welcoming you in their restaurant..their second home!


Menù 25€ per person


We have decided to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy a lunch or a dinner in the silent and natural environment of the Agriturismo Aia del Tufo, near Sorano.
A visit in this organic farm will be a real experience.. You will have the chance to taste freshly made products, from the personal production of the farm, as well as to join the different activities that characterize the work in the farm.


Today, you can decide to book your menu at Aia del Tufo, that will let you taste the typical dishes of the traditional tuscan cuisine with ingredients that come from the farm itself!


Menu 25€ per person

Food and Wine

The territory of the Hilltop Towns offers to the visitors a vast range of high-quality local Food and Wine, also thanks to the lack of pollution of this wild and pure part of Tuscany. In fact, for 50 square kilometers there are no factories, highways or railways that contaminate the air.


During your stay you will have the chance to join activities that may be different from the classic lunch or dinner in restaurant. Whether you choose a wine-tasting in a local cellar or a picnic to be enjoyed in front of the panoramas of Southern Tuscany, the result will be having lived a real experience!..


Once arrived at Sassotondo, the owners themselves will welcome you warmly.Starting from the vineyards, you will eventually visit the wine-producing systems, hidden in the tufa stone under the fields.


At the end of the tour of the machines you will taste the finished product. Three wines, tasted in the cozy terrace directly with the owners.

Wine Tasting and visit to the cellar – 15€ per person

57058425 - picnic setting on meadow with copy space

If you are lover of the nature and the open-air walkings, especially if accompanied by the unbelievable view of ancient historical remains, what you need is a real tasting picnic.


It is complete of three different cured meats, two types of local cheese, seasonal vegetables and fruits and obviously bread, water and why not?.. Wine and a good homemade dessert to conclude your picnic in the best way!


PRICE PER BASKET for two people – 32€

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Whether you prefer trekking, cycling or horse-back riding, what we suggest you is a light picnic studied for you! Tasty but practical, for those who love the sport and want to find the right way to have a delicious meal everywhere they want..


The light picnic includes two sandwiches, fruits, a bottle of water, fruit juice and a good dessert, that will give you the energy to keep doing sport.



Love&Food Cards

To give you the opportunity to discover all the beauties of that the territory of Southern Tuscany has to offer, we have organized our half-day or full-day guided itineraries that will allow you to deepen and increase your knowledge about a historic-artistic patrimony that is mostly hidden or not accessible without the help of an expert  guide.


Doesn’t matter if you are passionated by the medieval Hilltop Towns, the Etruscan history or the nature of the tuscan countryside… On foot, riding a horse or a bike, our guides will be always pleased to bring you to the discovery of Southern Tuscany.

Majestic example of medieval military architecture, the Orsini Fortress of Sorano dominates from above the small hilltop offering unique panoramas. Crossing the majestic walls around the fortress, you will discover Hotel della Fortezza and the Museum of the Middle Age and the Renaissance in the internal part.

With a cumulative Love&Food Card you can join the guided tour of the fortress, that will bring you back in the past in the Middle Ages, in a tour though the walls, the bastions, the army square and the undergrounds tunnels that were once used by the soldiers. The visit lasts about 45 minutes and finishes in the museum, which access is included in the Love&Food Card.


Guided tour of the Orsini Fortress

Entrance to the Museum of Middle Ages and Renaissance


The archeological park “Città del Tufo” in Sorano includes the villages of Sorano, Sovana and San Quirico, so it gives you the opportunity to discover the centuries of history that characterize this territory. This medieval towns are built in an Etruscan area, and for this reason offer a vaste and varied historical and architectural heritage.

By buying the Love&Food Card you will have access to all the attractions of the park : the Etruscan necropolis of Sovana, the museum of San Mamiliano in the historical center of Sovana, and Sorano with his park of San Rocco and the namesake Via Cava and the medieval complex of the Orsini Fortress, with its underground tunnels.


Guided tour of the Orsini Fortress

Entrance to the Museum of Middle Ages and Renaissance

Entrance to the Museum of San Mamiliano in Sovana

Entrance to the Necropolis of Sovana


During your stay you cannot miss to visit Pitigliano and its Etruscan necropolis. In a very short distance from Sorano, you can visit this medieval hilltop town that is just 9 kilometers from the hotel. Pitigliano, like Sorano, is characterized by a medieval historical center surrounded by the green, where the necropolis and Vie Cave are perfectly hidden and integrated.

You can decide to buy a Love&Food Card to have access to the Etruscan Museum inside the Orsini palace, where to admire the collection of remains from the necropolis of the area dating back VII before Christ, and also to the open-air Archeological museum A.Manzi, that will let you see with your own eyes the ancient places where this mysterious civilization had built the city of the life and the city of the death connected by a single holy road called Via Cava that is still possible to visit.

Etruscan Museum of Pitigliano

Archeological Museum A.Manzi


We are in a territory by the very ancient origins, where to bump into centuries of history that characterize the villages and the necropolis of the Hilltop Towns. Hotel della Fortezza will give you the opportunity to discover the territory, between Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana.

In the historical centers you will discover the ancient churches, palaces and museums, but also get lost in the intricate labyrinth of narrow streets and little alleys, while the rests of the Etruscan civilization are spread all over the countryside.

Guided tour of the Orsini Fortress

Entrance to the Museum of Middle Ages and Renaissance

Entrance to the Museum of San Mamiliano in Sovana

Entrance to the Necropolis of Sovana

Etruscan Museum of Pitigliano

Archeological Museum A.Manzi



Today, in the South of Tuscany, you will be able to appreciate the medieval village of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana in the whole of their beauty and peculiarity thanks to the passage of many important witnesses.


Our guides are all deep expert of this territory, and they will lead you through the intrigue of narrow streets and little alleys of the villages, where ancient traditions and flavors of the Middle-Ages still survive.


Full-Day guided tour to discover villages, museums and the history of the Hill-Top-Towns – 195€

Half-Day guided tour to discover villages, museums and the history of the Hill-Top-Towns – 130€


For those who are passionated by archaeology or simply by the charm and the mystery of the ancient civilizations, the area of the Hilltop Towns is an open-air playground.



Our guides will bring you to discover the countrysides that surround the Hilltop Towns that will reveal archaeological sites and enchanting places where to walk for days and days.



Full-day guided tour to discover the archeological park, countryside and nature of the Hilltop Towns – 240€

Half-day guided tour to discover the archeological park, countryside and nature of the Hilltop Towns – 130€


For the lovers of equitation and these splendid animals, Southern Tuscany offers what the best everybody can imagine. In this territory, many touristic infrastructures dedicating to the equitation with organized centers both for beginners and experts, that offer the possibility to join excursions, long ridings, basic and advanced  lessons.


For those who prefer cycling, an E-bike will be a real fun, both for cyclists whose legs are used to hard working, and for those who want only to enjoy a sunny day of sport in the Hilltop Towns. The E-bike will allow you to face hard paths with the minimum effort!


This territory is among the richest ones in Italy, under the environmental, panoramic, cultural, artistic, historical and archaeological point of view. The territory of Southern Tuscany offers you the possibility to live a holiday in contact with nature and the environment, discovering wild territory. In just one week you can have a taste of the gorgeous Tuscany while horseback riding!


Our stables Maneggio Belvedere, few kilometers far from Hotel della Fortezza, in the countryside between Sorano and Pitigliano, because it will give you the opportunity to discover the territory of the Hilltop Towns by offering you different kind of service.


1 hour horseback riding 18€

2 hours horseback riding 30€

Half Day horseback riding 40€

Full Day horseback riding 75€

1 hour lesson 20€

1 hour Centered riding 25€ (lesson about how to collaborate with the horse, how to be in harmony with it by the techniques to increase the confidence in order to make the relation between horse and rider even more pleasant and funny).


The E-bikes are surely one of the new opportunity deepen your visit and knowledge about a territory as the one of the Hilltop Towns, Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana that offers an unbelievable range of possibilities for those who love all-levels cycling.


It is possible to organize all-levels itineraries, from the easiest ones from 20 to 30 kilometres with low difference in height and why not?..with a good lunch or tasting in agriturismo, to the hardest ones of 5/6 hours and an higher difficulty. We are sure that the itineraries through the hills of Southern Tuscany will not disappoint you, neither for the technique characteristics nor for environmental features.


2 Hours – 24€ per person

Half Day (4 Hours) – 34€ per person

Full Day (8 Hours) – 49€ per person

2 Days – 74€ per person

3 Days – 99€ per person